Your Gateway to Brazilian Commodities!

We specialize in seasonal commodity trading, connecting the world with the bountiful harvest of Brazil. As the leading supplier of Brazilian commodities, we are passionate about delivering top-quality products to clients worldwide.

Looking for a reliable source of Brazilian sugar, soybean, or white and yellow maize? Look no further! Our expert team navigates seasonal market fluctuations with finesse, ensuring a steady supply of these sought-after commodities throughout the year.

With our deep-rooted connections in Brazil’s agricultural heartland, we bring you the finest products from the rich soils of our country. Our commitment to excellence, strict quality control, and seamless logistics make us the preferred choice for discerning clients and manufacturing business developers.


Your Gateway to Brazil’s Lucrative Auto Parts Market!

Accelerate your business in Brazil’s OEM auto parts and aftermarket industry with BIC, the global consulting firm trusted by ambitious companies. Our comprehensive services, from project development to marketing, will fuel your growth in this promising market. With our expert team and deep local insights, we seamlessly bridge communication gaps, navigate cultural nuances, and ensure your triumph.

Regardless of your company’s size, we customize the support to establish operational units, offer legal assistance, conduct market research, and ignite product marketing and distribution. Benefit from our international teams, associates, and strategic branches in India, Japan, and Europe, providing unrivaled expertise and unwavering ethics.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity! Choose BIC as your ultimate partner in unlocking limitless growth potential in Brazil’s OEM auto parts and aftermarket segment.


To help ambitious companies explore and expand their business internationally in Brazil, India and Latin America.


To be the best interface company in Brazil, India and  Latin America in order to add value to our clients.

Core Values



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Why invest in Commodities Brazil?

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